30 Unique Essay Topics to Make a Good First Impression

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  1. What impact has online education had on the educational system?
  2. The advantages of online learning for youngsters
  3. E-positive learning’s aspects. Hire paper writers.
  4. What have been the most major internet challenges you’ve encountered thus far?
  5. “Education should be free” – what are your thoughts on this? Get dissertation help.
  6. Do you agree that selling cigarettes and alcohol should be prohibited, and why?
  7. What are your thoughts on social media as a time waster and addiction?
  8. How should all countries prepare for COVID 19’s third wave?
  9. Describe the most harrowing encounter you’ve ever had. Get assignment help.
  10. Students should be able to design their high school curriculum.
  11. What role does physical education have in the educational system?
  12. Comment on whether the death penalty should be implemented universally.
  13. Should the government in every country do more responsible for physical purposes?
  14. Do you believe that people should learn art rather than science?
  15. Is it true that modern technology contributes to people’s feelings of depression?
  16. What are the benefits and drawbacks of online retail therapy, and why is it becoming more popular among the younger generation?
  17. The world’s population and the need to recycle are two factors that must be considered.
  18. How can the government ensure that everyone is vaccinated?
  19. What are the negative consequences of drinking energy drinks, and should they be prohibited in schools?
  20. Which is better: traditional culture or modern culture?
  21. Children should not be allowed to play online games.
  22. For parents, mental health should be a top focus.
  23. Schools should reopen with all safety precautions in place—discuss this.
  24. Colleges are becoming more business-oriented, and brain drain is widespread across the globe.
  25. Discuss some novel approaches to maintaining a stress-free student life.
  26. What part does dissertation help online play in your E-learning classes? Use plagiarism checker.
  27. What would you choose in the future, a profession or a passion, and why?
  28. Women’s empowerment in today’s culture and the misuse of feminism
  29. Describe the similarities and differences between persuasive and argumentative essays.
  30. During the pandemic, students must maintain a sense of balance in their lives

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