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4 Foolproof Ideas To Rephrase Paragraphs In Your Written Text

You may be rushing to use a good paraphrasing tool every time you're required to paraphrase any details. But it's crucial that you learn the tricks of paraphrasing without the help of these tools.

Some of the students also use plagiarism checker tools to help with the paraphrasing process. Now, let’s ponder over some quick tips to paraphrase details from the source texts.

  1. Try to modify the structure of the paragraph

You obviously want to put the sentences in your paragraphs together in a manner that makes sense. You should take your readers through the idea you are presenting. But you'll still have some control over how a paragraph is presented. Otherwise, you can use a paraphrasing tool for clarity.

When you’re rephrasing, you can’t just replace a few words in the text here and there with synonyms and call it complete. You actually have to restructure it until it comes across as a completely new paragraph that conveys the same idea. You can also generate harvard referencing easily for your essays and blogs with the harvard referencing generator tool. 

  1. Modify actual choice of words

When you rephrase, you must alter the diction or words used in your written text. As a writer, you have your own distinct way of describing an idea, and thus, your diction is important.

“Diction” here just means the words you use to make your point. When you’re paraphrasing, you must select different words than the ones in the source text to explain the same idea.

  1. Understand the difference between paraphrasing and summarising

It’s normal for students to confuse paraphrasing with summarising, but they are actually two different rephrasing text methods.

In both cases, you’re putting the text in your own words, though summing up sometimes uses some of the same phrases as the source text.

  1. Remember, there's more than one way to paraphrase a paragraph

It’s vital that you learn the multiple ways to rewrite a paragraph. For example, the same paragraph presented in the previous step could be paraphrased in a different way to make it come across less vivid. Nonetheless, it still conveys to the reader the same details using different vocabulary.

Make sure you learn at least some of these ways to paraphrase the paragraphs in your academic paper. These ideas will make paraphrasing a lot easier for you.