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A Comprehensive Guide to APA Referencing

 If you are not aware of the referencing style, use APA citation generator available online. However, the citation style is not that difficult to comprehend.

In fact, you should take a look at the formatting styles of the following resources.

  • Books

If you wish to cite a book in APA, then abide by the format mentioned below.

Last name of the author, First Initial. Middle Initial (Year published) Title of the book City, State: Publisher.

For instance, Cooper, T. H. (2020). On the study of zoology. Good Press.

  • Journals

If you intend to cite a journal in your assignment, you should stick to the format mentioned below.

Last name of the author, first initial of the author, author’s middle initial (date of publish). Title of the article. Name of the journal Volume (Issue), page number (s).

For example,

Moore, A. G. (2020). The Hector brothers from Ireland: contributions to marine zoology and anatomy: Arctic exploration after the nineteenth century. Natural History Archives45(1), 75-93.

If you cannot understand the format of the APA citation, you can seek homework help from the professional experts.

  • Blog Post

For citing a blog post in your assignment, the format is

Author’s last name, first initial of the author. (Date posted) Title of the blog post [blog post] Retrieved from: URL

For example,

Browne, S. (2021, September 15) The consequences of heavy lifting on your bones and muscles [Web blog post] Retrieved from:  

  • Website

The format is highlighted below.

Surname of the author, first initial of the author (Date of Publish) Title of article URL

For example, Hillary, M. (2020, August 5), “Top Ten Philosophers of All Time”

  • Newspapers

The template is mentioned below.

Surname of the author, First Initial of the author. Second Initial. (Date of Publish). Article title: Subtitle. Newspaper Title, page range. URL [if viewed online]

For instance,

Brenson, T. (2021, March 12) “Covid-19 Cases Are on the Rise Again: Is the Lockdown Imminent?” AZ Press

So, the next time you write a paper in APA, you should take a look at the format and examples mentioned in this blog. If you still face an issue, you should use the Dissertation Writing Services .

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