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Italian For Beginners

We will do this by starting with the very basics in lesson 1, and build up all the way up to some more advanced dialogues with irregular verbs in lesson 5 and this with more than 5 hours of video content. The main focus are the building blocks of a language: verbs.
In every class we will build up on what we have learned in the previous class by adding vocabulary, dialogues, grammar and more. Every class comes also with a pdf with extra exercises to practice on your own pace.

By the end of this course you will have build a strong foundation and understanding of the Italian language that will give you the opportunity to continue building and expanding towards a more advanced level. You will have built a decent amount of vocabulary and know the conjugations of regular and common irregular verbs in the present tense which will give you the opportunity to have dialogues and communicate effectively in Italian.

This course is meant for anyone interested in learning Italian or anyone who is planning to take more advanced Italian classes and would like to refresh their knowledge of the Italian grammar.

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