John 3:16 - What the most popular Bible verse REALLY means

What John 3 16 really means, may surprise you. John 3:16 is the most popular Bible verse. It begins with the well know phrase about Jesus, " For God so loved the world," but knowing what John 3 verse 16 means is not so common. In fact the John 3 16 meaning may surprise many who have memorized it. In this short John 3 16 sermon / John 3 16 Bible study, Pastor Nelson answers the questions: Why is John 3 16 so popular? What is the meaning of world in John 16? What does, for God so loved the world mean? What is the meaning of John 3 16? Those questions, along with a lot more information about Jesus Christ is offed this short John 3.16 video offered to explain John 3 16, and at the same time answer the question of, what is the Gospel of Jesus.