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Epic Games Store

What is the Epic Games Store?
The Epic Games Store is a curated digital storefront for PC and Mac, designed with both players and creators in mind. It’s focused on providing great games for gamers, and a fair deal for game developers. When you buy a game on the Epic Games Store, 88% of the price goes directly to developers, versus only 70% on many other stores. This helps developers invest into building bigger and better games.

Where can I download the Epic Games Store?
Visit the Epic Games Store page at, go to the upper right corner, and click “Get Epic Games.” 

Which platforms does the Epic Games Store support?
The Epic Games Store currently offers PC and Mac support. You can check platform compatibility for individual titles by referring to the “About Game” section of any product page.

What are the future plans for the Epic Games Store?
You can find upcoming features, developer updates, and major known issues on our Epic Games Store Roadmap on Trello. We’ll also share significant updates with you on our news feed and social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

Why does the Epic Games Store make exclusivity deals? 
Exclusives are a part of the growth of many successful platforms for games and for other forms of digital entertainment, such as streaming video and music.

Epic works in partnership with developers and publishers to offer games exclusively on the store. In exchange for exclusivity, Epic provides them with financial support for development and marketing, which enables them to build more polished games with significantly less uncertainty for the creators.

In addition, creators will earn 88% of all the revenue from their game, while most stores only offer 70%.

What is the Support-A-Creator program? 
The Support-A-Creator program enables content Creators to earn money from games in the Epic Games Store by using Creator Links and Creator Tags. Learn more about the Support-A-Creator program here

What’s this about free games?
Epic will be offering a new free game available each week throughout 2019. When you claim a free game, it’s yours to keep - even after the game is no longer available to new customers for free.

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