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If your motive is to get an engineering job opportunity in Australia, you must go through the migration skills assessment. It is a framework through which you need to demonstrate your engineering competence and knowledge. You need to choose your preferred occupational category and showcase your engineering skills accordingly. Engineers Australia, the authoritative body in Australia assesses the engineering documents to select the eligible candidates for Australian immigration. To display your competencies, you need to write a CDR in the nominated occupation.

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How can you draft a compelling CDR for Engineers Australia?

A CDR is one of the challenging tasks for engineering candidates to work on. It is a technical report, which requires you to put in great effort. A CDR Report makes up of three elements such as a CPD, three career episodes, and a summary statement. Apart from this, you need to prepare other documents as well. You need to frame the elements of CDR in the following ways: 

  • Three Career Episodes: You need to frame three career episodes that account for your engineering qualification and work experience. Your each career episode should be based on different aspects of your engineering activity. Each episode's narrative should contain between 1000 and 2500 words. Each episode should comprise an introduction, background, personal engineering activity, and a summary. 

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  • Summary statement: You must analyze your career episodes and demonstrate the analysis result in the summary statement. A summary statement sums up all your engineering activities and your role in them. It cross-references the competency elements that you have mentioned in the paragraphs of career episodes.

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  • A CPD report: You need to provide all your relevant CPDs in the list format. It is the means by which you keep yourself updated with the development and advancement of the engineering field. Your list of CPD should comprise the title, date, duration, location, and organizer details. 

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