Heart Health for Men

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Diet and Lifestyle Approaches to Heart Health
Nutritionist and Complementary Heart Health expert Matthew Koontz will guide you through the Heart Health for Men course where you will learn the list of 9 Health Bandits that are harming your heart and the 15 diet and lifestyle strategies that protect your heart. Follow each of the 30 Food Focus goals and 17 Lifestyle Change goals to begin practicing a heart healthy lifestyle.

Heart Disease is often caused by diet and lifestyle habits that we've relied on for years. When you include the right diet and lifestyle changes to your medical plan, you will achieve remarkable results.

This course is equivalent to four months of education with a personal nutritionists which costs about $1,000 or more! Instead of meeting with a nutritionist, you can watch the lesson videos wherever you want and learn all the diet and lifestyle aspects of heart disease prevention and support. The course is not meant to replace medical care and in fact, works well as a complementary factor of your medical plan. Consult with a doctor before making diet and lifestyle changes.