BioGraph: Teaching Biology Through Systems, Models, & Argumentation

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This course integrates the power of systems thinking with computer models designed to ‘bring to life’ biology topics including evolution, ecology and the chemistry of life. Developed in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Scheller Teacher Education Program, this six-week interactive and collaborative professional development course draws on research in teaching and learning to develop the best experience for teachers. In this course, you will learn how to use online simulations which are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards in order to develop core biology content and practices. The student facing materials consist of five modules designed for implementation over several class periods, serving as a replacement for an existing lab or activity. The online simulations include optional entry-level coding and the course provides support for learning to teach this with students. The materials include student and teacher guides with built in informal assessments. You will get a chance to work through these materials, watch teachers experienced with the materials teach the lessons, and then interact with experienced BioGraph teachers through online forums and webinars. Important Information Regarding Verified Certificates: The BioGraph Team will cover the cost of the Verified Certificate for participants who complete the course, including all surveys. The process for that is still being worked out, so if you would like to apply for the free Verified Certificate, please wait to register until notified by the course team. ( Updated July 9, 2020 )