Learn How To Purge Your "Relationship Thirst!"

We are taught by Hollywood, religion, and culture in general that we MUST have a woman in our life to be happy.  And as such, if you don't have a woman then you must be sad, unhappy, and yearning to find "your one true love."  This is complete nonsense and it leads man men to make colossal mistakes in their life.

In this course, you will learn to how purge your "relationship thirst," meaning the idea that you can only be happy if have a woman in your life.  In this 4-hour, 25 lecture course, I will teach why you must learn to find happiness without a woman.  And in fact, your live will be far better off never marrying. 

I know that this thought might sound counterintuitive.  But marriage in the 21st century is fraught with great risk for all men.  (75-90% of divorces are initiated by the woman.). With "no fault" divorce, the decline of Christian values, and more, it is even more imperative for men to understand intersexual dynamics.

In this course, you will learn how "relationship thirst" makes you make poor decisions in your life, and later the intellectual and psychological reasons why you adhere and defend this self-sabotaging notion.  Finally, I will give you cogent reasons as to why your life will be drastically improved once you realize you don't NEED a woman in your life.