Top Places To Visit In Victoria

Top 5 Places To Visit In Victoria, BC

Living in large and busy cities does provide us with ample opportunities to earn financially. However, the secluded and less populated cities bring us much-needed peace from the city hustle. Often we use screens to escape from our mundane routine. Yet distraction seldom recharges our life juices which help us thrive in our professional hours. So you need to take a break and visit a place and book a flights to Canada ,Victoria that helps you regain your inspiration and get relaxed. Although there are many beautiful small cities across Canada, only a few have the required historical, architectural, and location gravity as Victoria, BC.

On the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island, Canada's Pacific coast lies Victoria(the capital of British Columbia). Victoria is among the oldest cities in the Pacific Northwest region of Canada. It started from humble beginnings as a small trading post of Hudson's Bay Company in the mid 19th century. However, it became an important cultural and tourist hub with some of the most iconic British architecture, rejuvenating gardens, and heart soothing natural beauty. Victoria's location and amenities make it ideal for many recreational activities, including rock climbing, water sports, hiking, kayaking, and friendly team sports. For those coming from the india to Canada via book flights to Victoria , we have come up with a list of the top 5 places of Victoria:-

Inner Harbour :

Inner Harbour

The inner harbor is the most popular spot amongst tourists. The presence of iconic British architecture, such as the Fairmont Empress Hotel, adds a majestic feel. You can walk along the seafront, pass by the Empress Hotel, watch street entertainers perform on clear days, or stop in at a restaurant for a quick bite. The proximity of this place to all other sites such as the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, whale watching tour depot, andmuseums makes it a prime spot to start exploring the city. 

Butchart Gardens :

Butchart Gardens

If you are a nature enthusiast, you must spend some time amidst the Butchart Gardens' natural beauty. The exquisite atmosphere created by the rich flora is soothing to the heart and relaxing for the mind. You can come to this place in different seasons to appreciate the different colors portrayed by nature. The crimson rose garden, Italic garden, sunken garden, and Japanese garden are among the few places to visit while exploring Butchart Gardens. Open spaces gaping among the fountains, pools, and the many extrinsic plants are used for creative and musical performances from time to time.

This present-day majestic garden was started as a minimal hobby by Jennie Butchart in 1904. However, today it has become a horticultural hotspot with no rival to challenge its magnificence. 

Hatley Park National Historic Site :

Hatley Park National Historic Site

This site consists of a Mansion constructed by a renowned Canadian architect Samuel Maclure in 1908. It was built according to the Scottish baronial style, which was quite popular in the early nineteenth century. This Edwardian-era estate elegantly showcases oriental, roman, and rose gardens, which shimmers its palatial architecture.

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The castle has been chosen as a movie prop in the production of several films. This mansion was used for the Osborn Estate in the fourth movie of the Spider-Man Trilogy. In the Professor, a 2018 American comedy melodrama film starring Johnny Depp, it became the campus for college students. It was used as a filming location throughout the X-Men movie series, like the School for Gifted amateur Mutants operated by Professor X.

Royal BC Museum:

Royal BC Museum

This is among the oldest museums and contains a large collection of archives relating to the natural history of Canada. With many 3-D lifelike exhibits extending a feast of captivating shows, musky scents, and melodic sounds. Being built upon the lands of the Lekwungen (Native indigenous Nation), This museum has a deep connection with the history of British Colombia. It strives to broaden understanding about the province and inspire curiosity among the visitors. It has an extensive collection of artifacts, archives, presentations, documents, and specimens to tell the stories of British Columbia to stimulate us. It is open on all days except Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.The museum is located intermediate among the Provincial Parliament and the Fairmont Empress Hotel, so you can easily visit it near the inner harbor.

Hiking Tracks and Picturesque Points:

Hiking Tracks and Picturesque Points

Victoria is amongst the several panoramic cities in Canada, and if you want to enjoy its views thoroughly, start with the greens and walk across local hiking trails. You can effortlessly cover many of these sites in half-day or a few hours.

For waterfront scenery, the Coastal Trail in Sooke is a quaint seaside route gazing out to the remote mountains. Though you will be able to catch a glimpse of some whales or orcas from afar, you must try the whale watching tour to feel the sprinkles of water when they jump across the sea. Visit Goldstream provincial park to see a stunning expanse of flora beside the serene Goldstream river. You may also get a sight of the annual salmon migration jumping against the stream to reach their ancestral spawning beds from October to December.

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