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Scrum Master Interview Questions

Top Scrum Master Interview Questions and Answers in 2021

Before going through the scrum master interview questions below, ask yourself how good you know about Scrum and the role of a Scrum Master. Go through some of the Leanpitch resources like videos, blogs, and podcasts/webcasts to get more knowledge on the roles and responsibilities of the Scrum Master. The podcasts and webcasts are available on the Leanpitch mobile app for viewing.

Scrum Master interview questions:

  • Of all the Scrum ceremonies, which one you can never skip, and why?
  • Which is the most useful ceremony in Scrum which you would like to tell and why?
  • If one of the team members do not want to participate in the Scrum ceremonies, then how do you handle such situations?
  • You have identified one good process for the team, which you think is good for the team, but then the team does not want to follow - what will you do as an SM here?

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