Python Testing 101

Hi! Welcome to Python Testing 101 - Unit Testing Python code with unittest framework. This course will help you master the fundamentals of Unit testing Python code. It teaches you various techniques for writing  unit tests in Python and how to execute them efficiently, and find the bugs before your users do!

We will be using Python unittest framework which comes with Python standard library and it assumes that you have minimal prior experience with Python coding.

You'll learn how to assert parts of your tests, how to discover the tests, and make tests easier to read and manage. Throughout the course you will see lots of unit test code examples in Python.

Some of the interesting topics covered in the course are:

  • Create Project in Pycharm with Virtual Env

  • Unittest Fixtures & Test Discovery

  • Using Mock and Test Doubles

  • Pytest as Test Runner and generating nice reports

  • Jenkins to run and share the test reports

  • Parameterized Tests

  • Writing unittest for a Real, Working Application

Thank you and see you in this course.