Image of Course: Empowerment: How to overcome depression and become empowered

Empowerment: How to overcome depression and become empowered

Rising From Depression To Empowerment In 7 Days. A highly motivational seven day course by Certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker Michael J Fit. This course is specifically designed for you if you are struggling with depression and desperately want to overcome it. However, if you are not depressed, just seeking a higher level of happiness, focus or life motivation, this course is also equally as effective.

Each day packed with unique exercises developed by Michael J Fit. The exercises will assist you in not only overcoming depression and empowering yourself, but will help you understand yourself and others. Lessons teach you how to change your thought patterns, improving the way you think, act and react for the better.

Writing exercises as well as action exercises are mixed in the course making it an active course. Designed for learning, discovery and motivation, there are also philosophies taught in the course, that are practiced by many of the successful people in the world today. Backed by research, knowledge and personal experience, this course has been compiled to give you the most information and motivation to transform yourself quickly within 7 days.

Everything you learn in this course you can take with you for life. Meaning you will overcome depression and become empowered in 7 days, however, this course is also designed to transform and empower you for a lifetime.