Hypnosis: How To Write Therapeutic Hypnosis Scripts

Are you new to the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, or not yet confident to do hypnotherapy without using scripts, but find yourself always on the look out for hypnotherapy scripts to use? Then this 'How to Write Hypnotherapy Scripts' course is for you. This How to Write Hypnotherapy Scripts course teaches students about the different elements you will need to know to create your hypnotherapy scripts including: 

  • Hypnotic language patterns
  • Hypnotherapy script structure
  • Hypnotherapy script length
  • What information to gather from the client to inform writing of the hypnotherapy script


Through many of the lectures there are hypnotherapy script examples, and there is a whole section of example hypnotherapy scripts covering different types of inductions, and different common problems which hypnotherapists see in their practice. These scripts are more generic and not written for an individual client. There is also a hypnotherapy script example which is a complete hypnotherapy script written for use with a specific client to show what a tailor-made hypnotherapy script looks like in its entirety.

This course consists of video lectures and PDF notes of the slides for the lectures.

The course is structured to give you the information you need to definitely know before you start writing scripts first, then the information about how to write and structure your hypnotherapy scripts. Following this you will know how to write your own hypnotherapy scripts and will be ready to start writing your own hypnotherapy scripts, but you will still need one more piece of information if you are going to be writing tailor-made, client-centred hypnotherapy scripts, so you will then learn about the information you need to get from the client to ensure the script you write includes what is needed for them as an individual. Once you have this information there is a section of hypnotherapy scripts samples to help give you ideas and more examples of hypnotherapy scripts, including a script which was written for a genuine client.