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QuickBooks University

My passion was, and still is, to show business owners, bookkeepers, students and other CPA’s how to use QuickBooks the right way so they can really understand their business.  It’s the basic blocking and tackling of a business that is fundamental to success.

In 2010 I setup a free website to teach the fundamentals of Quickbooks, but the demand quickly got out of control.  Attending to a flood of visitor requests seeking help every day greatly hindered needed time toward my daily business as a CPA.

That’s when the QUICKBOOKS UNIVERSITY was born!

But I decided that JUST having training tutorials was not going to cut it…people still had questions about their personal situation.

So I decided to put all of my real-world experience and knowledge into these video tutorials which cover all you need to know about “How To Use QuickBooks,”  but I also decided that to truly be effective, I needed to also answer peoples personal Quickbooks questions.

Yes, it takes time to answer everyones questions…but it serves a need that I believe to be essential for success!

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