Image of Course: Photoshop CC Masterclass – Beginner to Advanced

Photoshop CC Masterclass – Beginner to Advanced

Do you want to master the world’s best photo editing software? Or are you new to Adobe Photoshop CC? Then enrol the Adobe Photoshop CC Foundation course and begin your acquaintance with the course.

The course is for the learners who have little or no knowledge about the photo editor. You will start your journey from the beginning. You will be familiar with the user interface and know how to open and create an image in Adobe Photoshop. The course introduces you to the essential tools, brushes and other features so that you can able to decide which tools to select while editing. Additionally, the course illustrates the concepts of colour schemes and guides you on how to use the colors efficiently. The procedures of adding text and text styles, working with Layers, adjusting Layers, customizing the workspace, moving and transforming Pixels, cropping images, etc. will be covered in the course. Finally, the course shows you how to print, convert and export files from Photoshop.

Shortly, the course gives you a general understanding of the application so that you can proceed with the advanced skills.