Instead of taking the same old pics that everybody snaps, I show you how to take brilliant photos that will make everyone wonder how you did that This will help you become more creative with your posts and it will help you understand how to snap illusionary shots. In the first clip, you can attach two pieces of dental floss on two pieces of broomsticks and layer the strings on top of each other. Then, take your burger ingredients. Let them sit one on top of the other and start snapping pics. It will look like the buns and burgers are just floating in the air. To take a photo and make it appear like you’re at the beach or at a pool. Take a glass baking tray, fill it with water, and hold it on top of the item your photographing. The water will start to reflect light in its usual dancing motion and you’ll see the colorful effects. Take a white canvas and place it between two white clothing hangers. Then place your shirt over the clothing hangers and below the canvas to make an easy lightbox where you can photograph your objects and isolate them.